Adriano Wilfert Jensen

Adriano Wilfert Jensen uses choreography to analyse and produce conditions of relations. His practice manifests in making, performing, curating, representing and dealing choreography, as well as other occupations like cocktail hang outs, publications, research projects, teaching etc. He has worked with artists such as Mårten Spångberg, Anne Imhof and Dora Garcia. Together with Simon Asencio he is since 2014 running Galerie – an immaterial gallery for immaterial artworks. And together with Emma Daniel, Linda Blomqvist and Anna Gaïotti he is organizing Indigo Dance at Performing Arts Forum.  |

© Paula Court

Andros Zins-Browne

Andros Zins-Browne (b. 1981, New York) is an American choreographer who lives and works in Brussels. His work consists of live and hybrid environments at the intersection between installation, performance and conceptual dance. Zins-Browne’s performances have been presented at Centre Pompidou, DeSingel, EMPAC, HAU, ICA London, Kaaitheater, MDT, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, and the Impulse Festival where he received a Goethe Institute Award for The Host. His solo Already Unmade, commissioned by the Boghossian Foundation has recently been performed at BOZAR Museum in Brussels, and The Whitney Museum in New York City. In 2013, Andros founded The Great Indoors, an association for artistic research and production.

Ana Vujanović

Ana Vujanović (Berlin / Belgrade) is a cultural worker – researcher, writer, dramaturge, activist – in contemporary performing arts and culture. She is a member of the editorial collective of TkH [Walking Theory]. She has lectured at various schools throughout Europe, and is currently a team member at SNDO Amsterdam. She participates as a dramaturge in art projects in the fields of performance, theatre, dance, and video/film. She has published a number of articles and four books, most recently Public Sphere by Performance, with B. Cvejić (Berlin: b_books, 2015).

Björn Säfsten

In the work and practice of choreographer Björn Säfsten the body and the mind and its connected actions are scrutinized, dissected and exposed. The focus is on creating ‘another body’, another notion of human physicality, bringing images to life that visually problematize our notion of the human nature. The physical practice expose images that occur from a certain physical action, in a chance method. The work thus takes visual turns and bends, often moulding itself whilst being performed, establishing itself a-new each time for each audience encounter. Björn Säfstens own company, Säfsten Production works as a plattform for choreographic creativity and experimentation. A node of theoretical and practical standpoints where artists come together to speculate and visualize criticism in choreography, politics, language, and the production of identity. Through different types of concepts and works on stage, both self-initiated and commissioned, Björn Säfsten creates choreographic art in close collaboration with his current artistic team. Säfsten been employed as a researcher at The University of Fine Arts Umeå Sweden 2012 – 2015 where he developed the project De-creation of an amphibian praxis together with Philosopher Per Nilsson. Currently Säfsten is touring his works Prologue (2016) as well as creating a new work ”Landscapes of I” in co-production with Riksteatern Sweden, premier 2018.

Chrysa Parkinson

Chrysa Parkinson is a dancer whose recent works include performances with Boris Charmatz, Jonathan Burrows, Mette Ingvartsen, and Rosas/Anna Teresa DeKeersmaker. She was a member of ZOO/Thomas Hauert from 2001-2010, and has also worked with Philipp Gehmacher, Eszter Salomon, John Jasperse, Deborah Hay, Alix Euynadi, Meg Stuart and David Zambrano. She was a member of Tere O’Connor Dance from 1987-2002.

© Julian Hatwell

Daniel Kok

Daniel Kok studied Fine Art & Critical Theory at Goldsmiths College (London), Solo/Dance/Authorship (SODA) at HZT (Berlin) and completed the Advanced Performance and Scenography Studies (APASS, Brussels). In 2008, he won the Young Artist Award from National Arts Council (Singapore). His works have been shown in Asia, Europe, Australia and North America, notably ImpulsTanz (Vienna) and Festival/Tokyo. As a pole dancer, he represented Singapore at the International Pole Championships 2013 (Finalist). In 2017, he was commissioned by the Singapore International Festival of the Arts to direct “MARK”, a massive drawing and dance work in different public spaces. He is exploring the notion of Trans-Individuality in a new work, “xhe”.

Hana LEE Erdman

Hana Lee Erdman is a dance artist living between Berlin and Stockholm. She makes dances with people like Louise Dahl, Allison Lorenzen, and Jassem Hindi, and she has worked in the productions of Mårten Spångberg, Keith Hennessy, Isabelle Schad, Sara Shelton Mann, and Marysia Stokloska. She has a Masters Degree from the Universität der Künste Berlin, (HZT).

Inês Moreira

Inês Moreira (1977, Portugal) is an architect, curator and post-doctoral researcher. Currently affiliated at IHA-FCSH, New University of Lisbon. Guest Professor at Fine Art Faculty, University of Porto, lecturing on Contemporary Culture and on Curatorial Studies. Holds a PhD degree in Curatorial Knowledge from the Goldsmiths College, University of London, 2014; a Master’s degree in Architecture and Urban Culture from Metropolis, UPC/CCCB, Barcelona, 2003; she has graduated in Architecture [FAUP, Porto, 2001].

Juan Dominguez

Juan Dominguez is a conceptual clown, magical cowboy and model poet. As a maker and organizer within the fields of choreography and performing arts his work explores the relationship between different codes and advocates the complete dissolution between fiction and reality, using the former to produce the latter and vice versa. He is currently working on the construction of contexts that generate stronger and lasting relationships through continuity. He is also working on the idea of co-authorship between all the agents involved in a live aesthetic experience. Some of his works are: The taste is mine (1999) All good spies are my age (2002), The Application (2005), Shichimi togarashi (2006), All good artists my age are dead (2007), blue (2009), Clean Room Pilot (2010), Characters arriving (2011), Clean Room Season 1 (2012), Clean Room Season 2 (2014), El Triunfo de la Libertad (2014), Clean Room Season 3 (2016), Between what is no longer and what is not yet (2016), Festival Avant-Garten (2017), My Only Memory (2018) In the last 14 years he has curated different festivals and programs. He was, amongst others, artistic director of the Festival In-Presentable/La Casa Encendida (2003-12), co-director of Living room Festival (2010-13), co-curator of Picnic Sessions at C2M-Madrid (2013-15), co-director Festival Avant-Garten at International Sommer Festival Kampnagel-Hamburg (2017).

© Julie Lèfevre

Katerina Andreou

Dancer and choreographer from Athens, based in France. She graduated from the Law University of Athens, and the Greek State School of Dance. She attended the master program ESSAIS on research and choreography in CNDC d’ Angers, under the direction of Emmanuelle Huynh. She participated in the project TRANSFABRIK, a research on curating in France and Germany, directed by Franz Anton Cramer and Yvanne Chapuis and was member of the collective Emanticipation, initiated by Emmanuelle Huynh et François Quintin. She collaborated with DD Dorvillier, Lenio Kaklea, Dinis Machado, Emmanuelle Huynh, Anna Gaiotti, Ana Rita Teodoro. Her last dance piece A kind of fierce was awarded with the Prix Jardin d’Europe in ImpulsTanz Festival 2016.

© Georg Gatsas

Ligia Lewis

Ligia Lewis is a dancer and choreographer based in Berlin. Her practice is forged by the aesthetic sensibilities of brownness and blackness; the affective register of being down while meeting the poetic and anarchic qualities of blackness. Her work is deeply personal and can be described as experientially rich and complex. Within her practice, Lewis continues to provoke the nuances of embodiment. Her choreographies include “minor matter”, “Sorrow Swag”, “Sensation 1” and “Melancholy: A White Mellow Drama”.

Lilia Mestre

Lilia Mestre (Lisboa, 1968) is a performing artist and researcher based in Brussels working mainly in collaboration with other artists. She interested in art practice as a medial tool between several domains of semiotical existence. Her principal medium is dance and choreography. Mestre works with assemblages, scores and inter-subjective set ups as an artist, curator, dramaturge and teacher. She was co-founder and coordinator of Bains Connective Art Laboratory. Since 2008 she has been mentor, workshop facilitator and associated program curator at a.pass (advanced performance and scenography studies) where she has been developing a research on scores as pedagogical tool titled ScoreScapes. From 2017 on she’s apass co-director and artistic coordinator.

Maria Jerez

Maria Jerez mainly works in Europe. She is interested in the unspeakable. Her work is located “between” choreography, cinema and visual arts. She produces the pieces “The Case of the Spectator”, “This Side Up”, “The Perfect Alibi”, “ba-deedly-deedly-deedly-dum ba-boop-be- doop!”, “Alma de Rímel & The Glammatics”, “BLOB” developed within her project ” What Is Third ” and “Yabba”. She directs the film “The Movie” (2008) inside the project “The Neverstarting Story”, a collaboration between Amaia Urra, Cristina Blanco and Cuqui Jerez with whom she has collaborated on multiple occasions. She has co-designed and organized Living Room Festival (Madrid) with Cuqui Jerez, Luis Úrculo and Juan Domínguez. She teaches at Master’s Degree in Performing Arts and Visual Culture (Madrid). In 2017 she has co-curate PICNIC SESSIONS at CA2M, Móstoles, Madrid.

Marta Ziólek

Marta Ziółek is a choreographer and performer. She graduated from Interdisciplinary Individual Studies in the Humanities (MISH) at the University of Warsaw and from the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam. Her work deals with pop culture and new technologies, identity and new rituals as well as with exploring the borders between visual arts, performance art and choreography.

Mårten Spångberg

Mårten Spångberg (Sweden, 1968) is a choreographer living and working in Brussels. His work is concerned with relations between aesthetics and the world which he explores through a concept based practice that crosses media from dance to painting, fictional writing to sound, next to which he is active in education, publishing and critical writing. His more recent work in dance has gained strong international reputation as it resonates prominently with contemporary culture. He is professor in choreography at the art academy of Oslo and is associate artist at Black Box Teater also in Oslo.

© Sonja Zugic 

Saša Asentić

Saša Asentić was born in Bosnia. He started working in Serbia as a performance maker and cultural worker. Since 2007, his work has been presented internationally. Asentić is interested in exploring the relationship between the individual and society and analyzing it in terms of social choreography. He works in the field of contemporary dance, performance and disability arts. After being a victim of right wing street violence, and fundamentally disagreeing with the corruption in public sector in Serbia, he moved to Germany in 2011. He constantly works on prolonging his resident permit in Germany.

Simon Asencio

Simon Asencio ( b. 1988 France) holds a BA in Soft Sculpture and a MFA from the HEAR- Haute École des Arts du Rhin, Strasbourg, and graduated from SNDO- School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam. The practice of Simon addresses invisible choreographies, often using substitution and aporia as means to develop, circulate and present his work. Simon was once told that he was some sort of escort of a new kind. Since 2014, he leads the immaterial gallery Galerie, together with Adriano Wilfert Jensen. He is also a body for Jessica’s works, a protracted performance of real-life background acting and works currently as an editor for ‘The Book of Rumours’. He joined The Army of Love in 2016.

Vânia Rovisco

Performative visual artist, has completed the course of Contemporary Dance for Interpreters at Forum Dance (1998-2000). 2001-2007 worked with choreographer Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods in several pieces and improvisation projects. Collaborated with Pierre Colibeuf; Helena Waldman; Gordon Monahan, amongst others. 2004 began directing movement, having worked with João Brites, Gonçalo Amorim, Gonçalo Waddington/Carla Maciel. 2007, the decision of placing the body in the art gallery context, conceiving live installations and performances, became a fundamental pillar in the conception of her own work, also recurring to video due to its possibility to capture the textural plasticity of the body and movement. 2013 premiered her solo The Archaic, Looking Out, The Night Knight. Participated in the Contemporary Art Fair Mostra’14. Directed “Silos de carros e estradas giratórias” for the Festival TODOS. The same year initiated “REACTING TO TIME, portuguese in performance” dealing with the live archive of performance art that happened in Portugal from the 60´s. Recently she premiered the group piece Equanimidade – Ânimo Unalterável at Festival Walk & Talk in Ponta Delgada, Azores.