7 a 8 de Outubro

MIRA | Artes Performativas

Fire work with me

Marta Ziólek


Emancipatory power of anger

Anger has its opening in the eye’s meridian. According to Chinese medicine, it manifests itself in wood and green. The organs that correspond to anger are liver and gall bladder. When I get angry, I feel bile. My tendons are clenched. The amygdala stimulates the secrection of adrenaline. I feel a surge of energy. I’m ready to fight. More blood flows into my hands. I could grab the gun. My heart beats faster. The pupils are expanding. I’m starting to sweat. Anger makes me want to scream, but often does not let me speak. Makes me burn from the inside. Demolition requires the effort to take over a gaze and the power of the mirror. Sometimes anger is the first step to break the mirror and to find yourself on the other side. Stomp on and the earth will move. This practice researches emancipatory power of anger in relations to emotional anatomy and sexuality of the body.

© Georg Gatsas

7 to 8 October

MIRA | Artes Performativas

Meeting with Ligia Lewis

Ligia Lewis


As part of the MEZZANINE program, Lewis will discuss her process of presenting problems in the frame of the theater by means of a poetics that arises through affect, embodiment, and the entanglement of the performance with the site in which it is realized.

7 to 8 October

MIRA | Artes Performativas

In Magin Ation for Mat

Vânia Rovisco


Commences with the grounding of each individual within a physical and mental place to let the work emerge from a source that has more knowledge and awareness of itself. There is always a crucial moment when teaching, that i feel the necessity to focus on each person. Like this giving them the space to show a small body of work, that is then “broken down”, “turned around” too then be reassembled by the end of each session with more adjoined information. The process will be done collectively, since time is so limited, however the purpose is to observe the changes that occur. The day begins with an intensive collective warm up.

9 October

Ateneu Comercial do Porto

The Jungle

Maria Jerez

10h-12h30 | 14h – 16 h

This practice creates a space of shared knowledge. A space where objects of different natures coexist. A mysterious microcosm where a myriad of heterogeneous objects is disorderly, seemingly in chaos. The interest of this practice stays in the border, in the new relations that can appear in this coexistance of “things” that are not meant to be together. A space where things, objects, functions, actions, dances, logics, fictions are overlapped… a space that is an amalgam of spaces … This practice seeks for the development of a disorderly look where the viewer constantly changes state because, what she looks at, proposes a multiplicity of very different views and modes of attention … this way the viewer stops being a spectator to become a publisher, a editor, a collaborator, a listener, a writer, an observer, a witness, a researcher, a friend…

9 To 11 October

Ateneu Comercial do Porto

All Good On The Eastern Flank / Maarja

Mårten Spångberg


Maarja is like walking into the water and disappearing, like being old and knowing ones future is coming to an end. It’s kind of sitting around to begin and then sort of an eroticism for a group of octopus that don’t belong together. They live when you walk really far away and where it is really dark. There is no bottom to things but an open book is twice as wide.

© Marta Popivoda-Yugoslavia, How Ideology Moved
Our Collective Body-2013-film still

10 To 13 October

Ateneu Comercial do Porto

Practice of theoretical-artistic research

Ana Vujanović


The ‘artistic research’, as well as the ‘inter-‘ and ‘transdiciplinarity’ have recently been widespread notions in the art sphere. However, although they have been adopted as regular practices, it is still not clear what they exactly mean, and especially what are their methods, tools, and possible outcomes. Since theoretical-artistic research is among main specificities of my own oeuvre, I would like to share it with other colleagues in an open manner, may we together articulate the instruments by which in the last instance artistic creation challenge theoretical speculation and vice versa.

10 To 13 October

Ateneu Comercial do Porto

Curating in/on/through space

Inês Moreira


Since a few years, I have been engaged with accidented architectures, built environments and other manmade territories (as post-industrial spaces), developing multidisciplinary projects through fieldwork, laboratorial research and publishing in both academic and cultural venues. The research has resulted in exhibitions, practical projects and editorial work. As a research/curator, I am interested on the epistemologies of curating, especially on strategies for curating space, on critiques of techno-culture, and, more generally, on contemporary urban and visual cultures. During these hours together, we will be visiting some spaces, concepts and ideas around the curation of industrial space.